Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So, I have just completed my second order from vistaprint.  So far I haven't received either order.  BUT I will tell you this.  WHY IS SHIPPING SO EXPENSIVE????
Holy jeebas!

I ordered 500 postcards (our RSVP's), and they JUST got shipped because I choose the 21 day, $8 dollar option the first time around.   THAT is a LONG time!   But I am a cheapskate on a budget

Today I got bummed out for about five minutes by the fact that I haven't gotten many sub jobs since I finished my last long-term one.  Then I started planning ways to get the word out that I was available to sub again.  I recalled seeing in my last email update from vistaprint ("your order has shipped"), that they were having a deal on business cards.  250 for $3.99.   So I designed them, thinking how smart I was to find such a good deal.  And then I choked again on the shipping options.  Because I needed the business cards sooner than 21 days.  I choose the 7 days $13 dollar option.  This is still cruddy (and by cruddy I mean slow and expensive).  But I figure I won't get many jobs until after the WASL/new name "MSP" testing is done next week.

If you are looking to order in bulk for stuff online.  I HIGHLY recommend costco though!  When I needed double sided tape in bulk for my invites, I ordered ten rolls (the little dispenser guys) from costco on a Sunday and they arrived on Tuesday.  FREEEEE SHIPPING!!!!!!!  This made the cost of the tape way easier to handle (around $28 or so)

So.... mad props to Costco and Vistaprint...  my orders had better being freakin CUTE!

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