Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Top Secret Missions

Care Packages.

They are so fun to make and send to friends (and fiance's!)

I am thinking about getting one ready to send off tomorrow for my Boo.  This week is his dead week at school and next week is finals.  (AND THEN HE GRADUATEs! YAY!)

Now if I had been on the ball, I would have had one sent out last week so that he had it to get him through dead week.  But I didn't.... LUCKILY his dead week was actually not so killer (*whew*).

But he has some wicked finals coming up so I need to go and see what I can pull together to include.

Some History:
I have sent FH packages before.  While he was studying overseas in China (we were not dating at this point) and during several of his other "dead week/finals week" times.

In other funny related news FH and I have jointly made packages to send to camp friends after one camp season, years before we were dating.  Let me tell you,  making care packages is fun.

His China care package included such fabulous things as:

  • Cheese-its that were so smashed they were cheese-dust
  • a cheap frisbee that broke the first time he used it.
  • Lots of Gum. (China has icky gum apparently)
  • Butterfingers candy bars.  (his big craving)
  • Dehydrated Lefse (... it's a Norwegian thing)
  • a baggie of cinnamon and sugar (to go with the lefse.... but it leaked all over the package)
  • an assortment of random ISH that I gathered at the dollar store (dollar tree?)
  • THE MOST IMPORTANT PART:  a pic of us.  :D
Other packages have included things like pajama's, water bottles, socks, and treats to snack on.  I usually ruin the surprise by asking what the receiver REALLY wants.  (no one wants stuff they hate!)

In other news, (completely unrelated news) THIS makes me pee my pants laughing!

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