Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dinner by me

So, if you know me, and even if you know me as an acquaintance you might know that I do not cook much.  I prefer to eat and then do the dishes for the cook.

BUT, I wanted to let the world know (not that the world is reading...) that I made dinner.

Yes, I pre-prepared dinner on Sunday night for dinner on Monday.......

and no one wanted dinner Monday....

or Tuesday....

My enchiladas are just sitting in the fridge all ready to be cooked.  They are not feeling the love.

Poor enchiladas.  :(

(This is where, if I were good about pictures, I would post a pic of my enchiladas all sad and lonely in the fridge... but I don't have one... so... here. *yummy isn't it?*.. Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!!)

1 comment:

  1. I want enchiladas! :) If only we lived in the same town, or neighboring towns...I'd be there in a minute to love on your delicious enchiladas, but sadly, I'm not. :( Hopefully we'll be able to hang out soon...I miss you!