Monday, May 24, 2010

76 days...

I am SO exhausted.  And yet I can't sleep!

I am exhausted because.... WE ARE ALMOST DONE WITH INVITES!!!

My oldest sister/Matron of Honor came down to stay for the weekend, and helped FH and I power through some massive invite creation!


  • Cut 200 strips of paper 1 inch wide and stamped them all (these wrap around the invite.
  • folded 150 Envelope thingers.
  • Cut out the bottom tap to fold up and create the envelope feel.
  • Punched half circles in all the envelopes to create the "pull here" area!
  • Taped all 150 envelopes including the super annoyingly-difficult bottom tabs thingers. (photo's after I mail them!)
  • punched out 200 circles to cover the back of the little wrap around strap thingies. (just to make it look cuter!!!! !!!!!!! !!!!!!)
  • stuffed the 150 finished envelopes with invites and RSVP cards!
  • MOM (the amazing woman that she is) is doing all the calligraphy on the envelopes.  She made about 80 today.  Thank the lord for walmarts little shoulder heater thing, it kept her muscles from cramping up and added hours to her in-put!  Wowza!
the Hang-ups...
  • Leaving all of the envelope paper in the trunk of my car while it was in the shop all weekend... oops! (Solution: going to the paper store and buying more, we will return the extra!)
  • Forgot to purchase stamps while the post office was open... actually we still need to weigh the buggers and make sure they don't cost extra... if they do I may cry!  
  • Also, purchase stamps for the RSVPs...I'm pretty sure it is bad manners to send out a "mail-back" without a stamp...which we almost did because my MOH stuff 20+ envelopes before I realized she should stop!  SORRY Miss Em!
  • Entertaining a 5 yr old while making these suckers!

To top it off I completed a BUNCH of job applications on Saturday.  Thus it was a ridiculously constructive weekend, even if no blogging got done! Yay!!!

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