Thursday, May 13, 2010

87 days

Have I already mentioned how fabulous my MOH and my Madre are?  Well, they are awesome.

They are my psuedo-fiance while mine is wrapping up his graduation (FRIDAY!).

Today we (as a team) added fifty million things to the CHECKED OFF portion of the stressfull all consuming, keeps you awake at night LIST.

Checked off today:

  • Visited reception site, counted tables and chairs and did a floor plan.
  • Did our order for:
    • Linens for the seating tables
    • Linens for the dessert buffet
    • Little plates for the desserts and cake
    • Champagne flutes
    • and extra 150 folding chairs.
    • Paper napkins for drinks and food.
    • green linen napkins for accent.
  • I also called and touched bases with our "DJ".  My BM/lil sis's Boy.  He is a "real" DJ (no really DJ Kruel or something like that?  He makes some sweet music actually.  He is providing the speakers, and other sound stuff, a microphone and such for our reception.  He also said as long as he gets to practice he is more than happy to run music for the ceremony.  (can you say UH-mazing!)
On the drawing board for the next "to-do's"...

Where to have the rehearsal dinner. (Ideas include, thai restaurants in the area, a close to the church indian restaurant, catering at a KTV place... FUN!)

Shoes shoes shoes???  Can I tell you how much I am not digging regular bridal shoes?  ew!

Also... my MOH sent out invites for my bridal shower, than is being held at HER madre's house (thank you Mama F!).  Way to go Miss Em!

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