Sunday, May 2, 2010

Job search

Job search 2010.

This is my third year on the job market.  Now that sounds like I haven't been employed but I have been.  Being a teacher is tricky.  Jobs are usually only "open" for about half of the year.  Districts start hiring in the spring and usually finish up their hiring in October (although I did have one interview in December).

I hate interviewing.  Any takers?  Yeah, I can never seem to get the right combo of things working for me.

Want to know a secret?  I never did interview for my first teaching job!  ACK!  Okay I did interview with my district, but when my principal was short a teacher 4 days before school, someone told her to get me, so I started that day as a "substitute" to fill in the position.  Because I had such awesome recommendations (okay it was more about WHO wrote the recommendation) I was hired on soon after as the full time teacher.

To make a long story short, I taught my first year out, subbed this year and am now out there in the trenches fighting my way into my very own classroom!  (very vivid I know)  But in all actuality while I have loved being able to grow as a teacher, a professional and a nurturer (kindergarten!) I MISS having my own classroom, my own kiddo's and my own SPACE!  (and I think my basement could stand to lose a few HUNDRED children's books etc...)

ANYWAY, I started this post because  was trying to get my job application ball rolling by printing off applications for a few districts that still live in the dark ages and require you to submit paper and pen applications (SO OLD SCHOOL!).  When I discovered that... the new computer did not have adobe... how annoying!   So...maybe I will start applying tomorrow... if no one needs a substitute that is!

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