Saturday, May 1, 2010

99 days

Isn't it lovely how knows that seeing a number like 99 days until your freaking wedding, will really put a fire under your buns?  Actually seeing that it was almost 100 really freaked me out first.  I mean, shucks, that is ridiculously soon!


Well, it feels soon!

Goals met today: (if I make this bold it will feel like more goals are met!)

  • White paper for printing Invites purchased!
  • Awesome Bridal Party gifts started!  (got inspired, but went in a totally different direction from this)
Special thanks to Mama A for her help today!

Goals met this week:

  • TONS of Bridal shower planning with my MOH.
  • Relaxing (oh wait...)
  • Brainstorming for the Bachelorette party "special event" continued (with input from the guy friends this week)
  • Paperwork for Wedding License picked up (okay i just happened to see it while at the auditors office this week for tabs, but hey, it's on the board of fabulousness bulletin board now!)  PS why is license spelt that way?  strange.
  • More missing addresses collected.
This is the party of the day where I say, YAY!  Things got done!

One more reason to celebrate May...

18 days (or so) until the FH returns!

Happy May Day to you!

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