Sunday, May 9, 2010

90 Days


Something about those multiples of ten days.  They just make my brain fry a little bit.

Checked off the list this week:

  • Purchased favor candy.  (way faster/easier than the cute DIY idea I had)
  • put together 100 invites.... half way made them I mean...
  • Purchased a lifetime supply of tea lights.  (Any volunteers to light them all?)
And the best part?  FH graduates on FRIDAY!  

Plus I powered through 2 job applications this weekend.  We shall be employed!  We shall not live with parents!  We shall have health insurance and food! 

(If I say them like commandments do you think they will come true??)

Also, I got into ANOTHER fight tonight with the substitute call line/my cell phone.  I had no reception, so I didn't get the ONLY job that was posted tonight!  Lame-o!

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