Monday, May 17, 2010

Bulletin Board Make-Over Part 1.. The paint!

Now, I am not a very crafty person.  Or rather, I don't tackle a lot of craft projects in general.

While planning our wedding for this coming summer, I was frustrated with a lack of a central location for all my information, my planning, my gathering etc. to be stored but visible and accessible at the same time.

This is when I noticed my large, unsightly bulletin board.  Sitting unobtrusively behind my desk, covered in... crud.  It has been a highly coveted room accessory, not for it's looks, but for it's functionality.  Doesn't every teenage girl need a 5 by 6 foot bulletin board?  Needless to say, I kept this bugger in my room.  And now I was finding myself eyeballing it's hideousness and planning....
Oh hey there you ugly thing, you!  Hmmm...

I knew I had some left over primer from painting the entire downstairs this fall...

So I got down to business.  Dusty business, luckily this primer is like shellack, you may feel slightly woozy after use, but you can primer ANYTHING.... see:

**note putting dollar novels under your painting projects is a great way to "recycle" them and to keep your edges off the painting tarp.

The board just had the frame tacked onto the bulletin board... no problem, Shellack it!

So... blah blah primer.  Done!

Then you go... white is boring, what colors could I do?  Oh, I only have one color of paint... Okay the kitchen wall color sounds good to me!...see:


(Don't get distracted by other projects like I did... OH hello ugly little shelf thinger...I think you would look rockin' in blue too!)

ANYWAY... What to do about that ugly bulletin board center?  Well, this is actually my THIRD bulletin board re-do.  As a manager in college I re-did some boards at my workplace.  I covered one board with cloth (a pain in the prum-pum-boo, because I cannot measure)... and I did one in contact paper....hmmm


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