Monday, May 3, 2010

The girls day/night

The INFAMOUS bachelorette party.  Planning has commenced recently with renewed vigor.  We have a time lime set up, I've given my input to the MOH, Em.

I was inspired to do a fun "girls weekend" like the one I got to participate in when I was younger and my amazing older cousin B was getting married.  We went and camped in a mountain town, went river rafting and then did girly stuff for the whole weekend.  It was amazing and so fun for me and my younger sister who were in high school at the time.  The best part was the river rafting so.... I want an activity!

Since we want to stick around our area we are making a list of "activity" ideas:

  1. Pottery Painting (too spendy, and I seriously do this a lot anyway)
  2. Local Minor League Baseball Game (the Majors were OOT on our weekend, boo!)
  3. Kayaking on the waterfront
  4. Renting out a sailboat thinger with crew... (I'm still in the dark about this one)
  5. Going sky diving (ooo! This one sounds SO fun, but spendy!)
  6. Going parasailing! (and no we don't live in a warm area!)
  7. Hanging out at my MOH's parent's house on the lake.
And hopefully more ideas will follow!  Any contributions?

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