Saturday, May 1, 2010

Thursday Dinner #2

Miss Em made some scrumdiddlyumptious dinner this past week for the crew.

Baked Chicken in salsa
Mexican Rice on the stovetop
Salad with Guac, carrots, cucumbers, olives, and cilantro (YUM!)
Brownies & Ice Cream

I can really only take credit for helping with the salad!

The most exciting part of dinner prep would have to be when we made the boys wash and cut up the lettuce.  I informed them that after they washed the lettuce they should put it into dishtowels and swing it around to get the water off.  Note to readers; DOUBLE UP YOUR DISH TOWELS!  Yes, the boys enjoyed spraying the lettuce water all over Miss Em's poor kitchen.

Thanks Miss Em for the cooking, the hot tub, the cable and the company!

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