Wednesday, May 5, 2010

pictures, and photos, and photographers Oh MY!

As of spring break (a while back while I was visiting FH and family)  we officially adopted our photographer for our wedding, Jerome Tso.

I say adopted because ... I feel like it?  But no really,  Jerome is awesome to work with.  And I know this because I used to work for him.  Remember that summer of the crepes?   Well, needless to say I learned my lesson on going back into food service (4 years in college was pah-lenty!).  But I stayed friends with the awesome Jerome Tso who is based out of Seattle.

Click the link to go see his wedding photos.  Or read his great blog.

His photo's are gorgeous, even thought FH will refuse to take any of "kissy" pictures!  I'm so excited to work with him, especially for our engagement session, which we will hopefully get set up for later this month!

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