Friday, May 21, 2010

Best news of the week:

You might know that song from the 50's :

"I'm in heaven, I get carried away.  I dream of him and me, and how it's gonna be."

Well I am in HEAVEN!!  *stop rolling your eyes*

The FH is graduated and back home!
**happy dance**

Praise and Hall-eh-la-Ja!

**Also, Denver Int'l Airport is still on my Naughty List.  FH had a layover there and was delayed for hours.  Turning his pick-up time from 11PM to 2 AM....!!!  I will have you know I am a dedicated substitute and taught music on 3 hours of sleep!

This is what I wanted to do:

Quote(s) of the week:

First Grader: "Teacher, you look just like the music teacher we had!"
Me: "That's because I WAS your music teacher!"

Me: "Any questions?"
Kindergartner: "Your hair is brown."
Me: "..."

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