Friday, May 21, 2010

78 Days


Tonight my willing sweatshop factory workers were plied with homemade stroganoff AND homemade apple pie (didn't I say my MOH was awesome?).  Along with the yummy apple and Dubliner cheese salad (YUM!) with lettuce that is to DIE for. and also Garlic Bread.

The results were Fabulous:

Completed today:

  • Chopping of 200+ "color popping" thingers for the invites.
  • the taping on of the invites to the color poppers 
  • the deciding of how the sheebittygaegae these suckers were going to get all put together with the outside bit... UGH!
All in all I feel happy that at least those steps of the DIY invites are done.  I might hate them by the end of this weekend though, because it is now a war between finishing wedding stuff by the end of the month or working on job stuff...Who Will WIN????  

P.S. I am still full from this Thursdays Dinner.  yowza!

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