Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Trouble at the paper factory...

Invitation creations have come to a halt here in the invitation factory*.

I am out of lime green paper.  Why did you start making the invites if you didn't have enough paper? you ask.  Well... I THOUGHT I did...!  But it turn out I have a ton of regular printer paper in lime green, but no more card stock.   28h$gh!*#))!!!

That and I have still managed to NOT find any decent black linen-ee paper that doesn't have lines on it.  Dots would be fine...or anything not stripey... I might end up going with the black that looks a bit plaid-ish.  BUT I really don't know where to find lime green card stock again.  (In fact I have no idea where it came form the first time!)

* No really, my friend Chris complained that earning his home cooked meal by putting together my invites made him feel like he was in a sweatshop.  I told him sweatshops don't serve dinner and beer.  :D

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