Thursday, November 11, 2010

Before and After: Bulletin Board

This huge bulletin board has been hanging around my parents house.... since as far back as I can remember, which means since I was a teenager, because kids don't care about bulletin boards, teenage girls DO.

My sisters and I have used it in our rooms in the past, but it was looking pretty raggedy.  So I gave it a paint job face lift from this:

To this:

Now for the rest of the Bulletin Board Makeover...

I was all about finding a fabric or some contact paper that I (or my parental unit) had already purchased.  In fact, this project cost me ZERO dollars, because the primer, paint and contact paper I used were all just sitting around from old projects.  This contact paper was from... redoing my grandma's house I think??

Works for me!!

Sadly I cannot measure worth beans, but I had plenty of contact paper to fix my mistakes.

BEST TOOL EVER!  My pampered chef scraper/squeegy/picker-upper-thingy.  (I also keep one in my car for squeegy-ing my windows!)  It worked great for scraping the paper perfectly flat, no bubbles here!

Here is what the board looked in its final stages.

Now I have this fabulous, VASTLY improved Bulletin Board area.

I used it for staging much of my wedding stuff, (all those boxes, and TONS of stuff pined to the board eventually).  Now I am thinking about putting it back behind my desk to create a better work station.

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  1. CUTE! I covered mine in linen and it looks great! Are you using it for a vision board? :)