Thursday, November 4, 2010

Story of the Day

I substituted this morning for one of the first grade teachers at my school. (Sidenote, a few students have asked if this teacher is my sister) My school does walk to read, which means students sometimes go to other teachers, or come to me from other classrooms for reading time. I apparently forgot to tell the reading kids who came IN the classroom that I was subbing for their reading teacher. I just figured they knew who I was because I teach them science.

First grader comes to sit down at the reading table for small group instruction.
Student looks at me, "You look just like Mrs. Rude!"

Me, " .... I AM Mrs. Rude...?"

Student, "Oh..."

Apparently Mrs. V and I look alike. hehe

The other entertainment of the day was a comedy of catching the fly that was flying around. It finally got "cup caught" when it landed on a child, whose intrepid neighbor slammed a cup over it, onto the poor boy. The fly then went into a container with a caught daddy-long-legs spider. Gotta love teaching about spiders!!

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