Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Choosing a wedding photographer

Okay I know my posts are all over the place topic wise this week, but who cares?  NOT ME!

I was thinking today, while browsing my wedding photographers blog, about how we ended up using Jerome for our pictures.

Ours was not a nice journey.  But it is a good example of not being a "YES" person.  In fact I am rarely, if ever, a Yes person.  Even my Mother will attest to that fact.  (sorry mom!)

My In-laws have had a family photographer that they have used for every event, senior portraits, family photo's, and weddings.  Needless to say, I was encouraged to meet with the photographer, and even bribed with "contributions" toward that area of the budget, if we went with this photographer.

Unfortunately for my in-laws (sorry Netty!!!) I have been following Jerome's wedding blog for some time now.  Jerome was my boss a few years back, when I attempted to work an hour away from home as a crepe chef.  A yummy job with a horrible commute.   Luckily when I quit, Jerome remained friendly towards me!  Because the kid has got some serious camera skills.  I knew from working with him that he was a hard worker, and spent TONS of time editing photo's from his weddings.  I knew from his blog, that his style was what I wanted in photo's.

When I met with my in-laws photographer, their photo's were unedited, and they had no RECENT (nothing since the 90's!!!) wedding prints/albums/etc. to show me!  Nothing said "WOW" to me, which I felt horrible about.

Compromise people.    I told my poor hubby that we needed to compromise.  We went with his pastor, my photographer.  This was not an easy decision, lots of conversation went into it.  I hope my MIL still loves me!  (Ok, I KNOW she does!)  Also... our pictures are AWESOME (even though it rained hehe).

Choosing a photographer advice:

  1. Find a style
  2. Find a price point (or a really nice friend who does wedding photography... :D)
  3. Find a photographer

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