Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Trying new things

So I am currently trying out the website Swagbucks.  I have heard about it before, but it was mentioned on one of the blogs I follow this past week.

If I understand the FAQs I've been reading, you earn swagbucks for doing things through their website.  Then you can cash in those swagbucks for prizes and other things in the "swag store".  When I read the blog, my mind thinks... FREE STUFF??? Say what?

So far I've been trying to remember to use it (you can add their tool bar for easy access), you can do searches through their website (pretend it's google) and then you earn more swagbucks.  I've been signed up for 4 days already and I'm at 100 swagbucks.  A $5 giftcard for 450 swagbucks...can you say hello Christmas?  Birthday?  Thank you presents?  Yes?  I thought so.  You also get swagbucks if your referrals earn swagbucks.  There are also bonus codes, if I catch any I'll be sure to pass the love on!

Give it a try, sign up here!

Search & Win

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