Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Planning Ahead

As I read Centsational Girl's blog today one of her little reminders really popped out at me. (Mostly because we are only borrowing our house right now, and we WILL eventually have to give it back to it's owners and move back to my parents house).

The HOLIDAYS are coming up.  Hubby and I are SO unprepared this year.  With him starting a new job we are unsure of how much time he can take off over the holidays.  We have been planning on having a wedding reception back in MN where his parents and a ton of family and friends live.  Question being... how on earth are we going to get back there long enough to have one?   We are hoping to get this figured out soon, but seeing a remind to get your holiday travel plans figured out really worried me!

In other news... do I need to wear my wedding dress for a reception that is months AFTER the wedding.  I mean really, who keeps going to the gym AFTER their wedding?  (not me! *tisk tisk*)  Besides holding my shoulders back for my entire wedding day didn't go to well.  Gotta love them strapless dresses... SIKE!  Also... I have fully trained my MOH to put my into it, who in MN can do that?  :D

IN other planning ahead news... we are also trying to plan our honeymoon trip to Norway this coming summer....only we aren't sure how to take a month off of a job that doesn't give you paid vacation the first year...ummm?  We sure like being employed, we are sure NOT enjoying being worried about vacations!  Can't we be like Norwegians who get a whole month off a year?  Please?

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