Monday, October 18, 2010

Changing your mind...sort of.

I am one of those people who really sees things in black and white.  So I usually am very set in how I think about things.  Rarely do I change an opinion, but occasionally it does happy.

As of this week, I am officially a Crocs lover.  But these are not the original bright colored clown shoe crocs.  NO, these babies are SOOO cute!  No clown shoes here folks.  Check them out!

(photo courtesy of
These are the new Croc style, called Crocband flats.  I have NEVER owned crocs before (and I have never wanted to), so wearing these rubbery flats was a new experience.  

Let me give you a little background on how I ended up with these babies.  I was in desperate need of new white flats.  My previous white flats were some ridiculously old Payless white flats with NO support, ripping out sole linings, and honestly they were no longer white.  So before work one morning I was cruising through Zappo's white flats to see what styles were out there.  I clicked on this flat, but was turned off when I realized that the brand was Crocs.  Seriously 2 hours later I was at work and one of the other young gal teachers was wearing these shoes and I got really excited when I saw how cute they were on her, with pants.  She told me she really loved them because they were so comfy and she could put them in the washer with a load of clothes, so they stayed nice and white.  UM, LOVE IT!  A white flat that stays white!??!  SWEET!

Best purchase in a while.  I have not taken them off since I got home from work!   Hubby even said he was pretty skeptical of the whole Croc thing, but he said I should see if they come in a nice red color too!  And so, I change from a Crocs disliker, to a Crocband lover!   

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